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Member Irrigation Association 

Certified Irrigation Contractor

Certified Irrigation Designer Residential

Certified Irrigation Designer Commercial

Certified Landscape Irrigation Auditor

Are you a licensed contractor?

Auto-Rain is registered licensed bonded and insured with the Illinois Department of Public Health.

Can you install on an existing lawn?

Yes, our crews have been trained to install with minimal disturbance to an existing lawn. We provide a fine grade and fresh grass seed to all of our installs. After minimal disturbance, your lawn will return to pre-install condition within 5-10 days.

How many heads do you use?

All of our proposals have an estimated approximate number of heads that will be used. Rather than "How many Heads" the consumer should be asking "What kind of coverage?" At Auto-Rain, we will use however many heads it takes to give your property 100% coverage with even distribution of your water. No gimmicks, just a guarantee that your property will be irrigated the right way the first time. 100% coverage, distribution uniformity, matched precipitation rates. Not 1 head more, nor 1 head less.

Are you the cheapest contractor?

No! We are not the cheapest irrigation contractor in Chicago. Each consumer has to ask themselves, "Do I really want my irrigation system to have the cheapest product installed by the cheapest labor force which is employed by the cheapest management"? Auto-Rain is competitively priced with all reputable, professional irrigation contractors in the Chicago area.